Introduction to the shenanigans!

Well, hello there! Please pardon the mess, a baby blog was born today and I am still adjusting to new bloghood.

The name I go by most of the time is, Mama but some call me-Stacy. I am a 41 year old mother of six children! And before anyone says anything-yes, I know what causes that and yes, I have a t.v. I just happen to be one of the rare ones who genuinely wanted a large family and feel blessed to have it. bigfam

My motto truly is, the more the merrier. My eldest daughter and my first hatchling is 22, my second child also a daughter is 20, my first son is 14 as of the wee hours of tomorrow morning, my second son is 11 (and he has autism spectrum disorder), my fifth child a son is 4 and my sixth child, a daughter is 18 months of age. My eldest daughter and her boyfriend have moved in and are expecting our grandbaby January 8th.

I am engaged to the most wonderful man I could ever hope to know and along with my children, is the true love of my world and last, but never least is Dad. My father moved in with us in May 2015 and well, stories from that could create a whole other blog! Yep-as I typed that last part, he woke up and rose from the couch and farted in my general direction and said it had my name on it. Thanks, Dad…lovely introductory!


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