So today was my son David’s 14th birthday…I got to see him first thing this morning. It was awesome. He was still tired and smiled groggily as I told him ‘happy birthday and how much I loved him and gave him a hug. I always feel blessed-always, but in that moment 14 years of happy memories came flooding back as though they all happened at once.

He was born 14 years ago and weighed 9 lbs, 4 oz. The first thing the attending obstetrician exclaimed was, “aww..look, we have a linebacker!” I held him in my arms protectively, admiring that red sheen that seemed to glisten like gold on top of his precious noggin. He’s just such a joy and I am happy to report that I learned long ago that when you have your babies, be thankful for each moment. Pull it to you in your heart with passion and greed because those moments become but precious memories in your heart as the years slip by. David’s been an awesome son. He played t-ball as a little guy and is always so friendly and out going. I am so thankful for that part to my kids. They are friendly with others and overall, loving. I adore that.

Today was also my first granddaughters birthday, she turned 5. I was able to attend her birth and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Quite surreal to be on that side to things, I hated that feeling of helplessness but things went fine. At birth, Divinity resembled a true baby doll. She was adorable with a little bit of hair and a dimple. I held her in my arms and so many things swirled through my mind it was tough to anchor down the moment. She is a beautiful and sweet little girl…I truly wish I could see her more. If I had it my way, she’d be here as much as my kids went and visited their grandmother in their early years but sadly, family issues seem to be keeping us apart. I don’t want to go into it in this post, because today truly is a happy, happy day. I called and left a message and I also texted. I miss you, Divi-B and I love you so very much.

Today marks the anniversary of the day the Lord blessed us with these two precious kids…thank you, Lord.divibtwolilbrothersboysballoonsbabygirlballoons


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