The Unexpected Dad-(Aka:Daddo)

So, I haven’t gotten a chance to share the various shenanigans I found myself involved in with dad!

He moved up here in May of 2015. He’d avoided coming to Washington state (from California) since my mother moved us up here when I was in 3rd grade. He kept saying he’d come visit, but I think we all know how that goes. Life happens and various things keep us away and while we may have a genuine heart to the words we say, unless we make it a priority it simply won’t happen. Regardless, at the last minute he showed up and it’s been quite interesting to say the least, lol.

It all started out with a sock. The first few weeks had been rough. He was 72 afterall and one can’t expect it’d feel good to just sort of pick up and leave after all those years but he was in a situation where he had nowhere to go and I’d long begged him to come here. So, one day he fell asleep and I decided, “let the games begin!” I could almost hear Dumbledore’s voice ringing out as though an exciting game of quiddich was soon to erupt. I put the sock along his chest, snapped a picture and sent it to him on his fancy new smartphone I’d gotten him…and so it began. Getting to know dad, spending time together, bickering, laughing. It’s been a riot and I wouldn’t change it for anything. The kids have gotten to know their grandfather in ways I’d never thought possible in my wildest dreams! The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways because as I’d prayed for this for many years, I didn’t expect it..not one bit.

In the midst of the chaos, the job loss, the health issues…I didn’t expect-Dad.

More to share and I fully expect to edit this or add but wow…


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