Money, it’s a GAS!

Hi there, something occurred to me today as I work through things. It sort of popped into my mind. Money has seemingly been the root of importance and an overall theme with N.

When she was guardian to my grandchild, I was once cussed out for not sending her money. She once screamed, when she needs help, she should get it! I agree, by all means…you have been a source of wonderful support in this regard, but if you won’t ask for help, how does anyone know you need it!? Especially when you try to be so strong and confident. Especially when I offered help other occasions (your storage for example and on multiple occasions) and all I got was a resounding, “No…” Are you afraid to ask? Do you feel people will lose respect for you? Did you lose respect for me when I had to borrow money? You see in others what is in yourself. What of the birth parents? Did they financially help you? No? I see. Grandma is responsible.

Most know that it’s ok to ask for help once in awhile, we all need it from time to time and if you have someone you can trust, perhaps it is ok. I truly never knew you needed money. If you had ever asked, I would’ve collected aluminum cans to get you some money but being a single mother, making 15.00 per hour at that time, I was lucky I had a roof over my kids’ heads.

Oddly, when I was finally able to scrape together 400.00 to give you, you used it for another purpose besides our grandbaby. You don’t trust me so it doesn’t matter what I say. You’ve had someone in your ear all these years to influence your view of me (plus whoever else that maybe didn’t want less time with Divi?) so I will just say that I love the grandbaby and would go to the moon and back for her. If I had known you were hurting for cash, I would’ve found a way. Somehow. Things were awfully tough at that time, but I know that doesn’t matter either because I don’t get excuses.


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