The Fart Story

So today, my dad decided to walk up next to Aiden while he was eating his waffles this morning and fart…repeatedly. That is what inspired this vent for today.

Now, I know some of you may laugh…and that’s ok…I’m sure I will eventually, but right now it’s just too much. I can’t believe I have to put this out there…

Look, you are an ADULT…and if you FART on my kids’ FOOD and I have to say something to you such as “please don’t do that,” that does not equate into me having a “temper problem.”

I asked you nicely and while I may be a bit “animated,” the shock of what YOU chose to do is part of that equation, I assure you. Nobody expects a grown person to behave like that.

Also, if you are keeping our grandchild from us, if you are talking crap behind our backs about our lives which you know NOTHING about because you never spend any time with US, if you are an overall AHOLE, do NOT expect ANYONE to just put up with it.
*Those that do, are NOT doing YOU any good by kissing your butt!

You are both grown people, yes-MY PARENTS and should know better and again, the shock of your behavior is part of that equation. I can see why the marriage didn’t work. Two inconsiderate, disrespectful, demanding, selfish people DO NOT a couple make.

When people have finally had enough of YOUR garbage and you have the nerve to run around and say THEY are the one with a “temper” problem YOU got issues. This is still our home and we have say over what our expectations are.
Vent complete.

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